The Morality of Profit

“The most depraved type of human being is the man without a purpose.”Ayn Rand

What if you created a product or service that changed the world for the better?  Many who create and serve become extremely wealthy.

It is always interesting learning about the interests of the wealthy.

How many libraries and organs did Andrew Carnegie give away?

Ted Turner, media innovator, is the second largest land owner in the United States.  His desire for a better environment means that the buffalo have lands to roam.

How many universities are named after benefactors?  How many churches, museums, and parks were donated by the foresight of individuals?

In order for individuals to be generous, they must have surplus.  Let’s explore the morality of profit.  Thank you, Bastiat Society for introducing me to this video.


About Christopher Hessenflow

Christopher Hessenflow is a financial planner in the Chicago area. He works with all sorts of people who are much more interesting than he is. He enjoys his career which lends him time to think and, sometimes, be creative. Chip was born bald.
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